•  Nidal Sukhtian

           Chairman of the Board

  • Hamad Al-Masri

         Chairman of the Board Deputy

  • Angele Zaboura

            Board Member  

  • Abdul Hakim Fuqaha

           Board Member 

  • Na'im Qawasmi

           Board Member 


           Board Member  

  • Ayman Raddad

           Board Member  

  • Angele Zaboura

         Managing Director

  • Abdul Hakim Mahariq

          Quality Assurance  Manager

  • Rashed Maraqa

          R&D Manager

  • Abdul Fattah Al-Hroub

          Quality Control Manager

  • Walid Al-Kamel

          Production Manager

  • Nader Alama

          Engineering Manager

  • Hamad Al-Masri

          Marketing Manager

  • Fakhri Qaywi

          Financial Manager

  • Abeer Tamimi

          Validation Department Manager

Social Responsibility

Beit Jala Pharmaceutical Company : Abides by the rules prevailing in Palestine concerning the recruiting of workforce in terms of wages, increments, holidays and other special benefits which encompass granting a month bonus ... read more